Eddie Jones Wants England To Be Numero Uno

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Eddie Jones is convinced that England has enough resources to be considered top among rugby teams in the world.

He also feels that England as a rugby team is aiming to be on the top. He feels that during his tenure, he will lead England’s rugby team to become the best in the world. Jones has made an impact on the English team by taking charge. This happened after the Rugby World Cup last year, which was a disappointment in the country. England was the host nation, but they failed to qualify beyond the knockout rounds.

Jones was formerly a coach for the Australian team. He oversaw the Grand Slam tournaments for thirteen years. Having brought them to the fourth rank among the world nations, he is now convinced that the number one position is not far away. There have been several exclusive interview rounds with Eddie Jones, the head coach for England. He has stated these facts to the viewers and the audience of the shows. He feels that been appointed as the head of the national team in England offers him due opportunity to bring about the changes that are required. England has a lot of potential and there is no reason why they cannot claim the number one position. That is what they need to aim for. The Grand Slam victory that England got over France is one such instance where their skills and potential can be seen.

In order to be number one, England will have to beat the countries in the southern hemisphere in a consistent manner. They will get their first chance this summer when they go on tour for a three Test tournament series. They would be playing against the Wallabies. Jones will be locking horns with the side that he was on earlier with his new team.