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The spoil tactics employed by their Italian counterparts was enough to infuriate Eddie Jones, the head coach of the England side and his players as well.

This was despite worldwide admiration for the tactics used by Italy in the game, especially with the way they exploited it against the English players in the game.

Jones has urged the Federation to take a “very close look at it.” Also, fly-half George Ford commenting on the tactics said it would “kill rugby.”

When he was asked after Sunday’s 36-15 Six Nations win if he believes the RFU would take up the case, he responded saying he was sure they would.

Past and present Red Rose players queued to congratulate Italy on their cunning plan

Speaking to SunSport, Lewis Moody, ex-England captain said:

“You can only take your hats off to it. Do you want to see it every week? No. But it was great viewing because it flummoxed England so much. I bet the Italians were amazed as to how well it worked.”

Moody also went on to wonder if the ranting by Jones was done in order to deflect attention from another poor first half which saw England trailing behind by 10-5 at the end of the first half.

The Leicester legend also feels that very soon, the English rugby boss may change his view of the tactics completely. He also believes that Jose Mourinho would have been lauded much better for absolute genius if he had employed such tactics rather than the Italian team.

Jones also went further to urge spectators who came to watch the game to request for a refund of the ticket fee they paid to watch the game as what they had watched was not a game of rugby.

However, an RFU spokeswoman made it known that no one had yet complained or asked for their money back.