New Zealand’s Rugby History

Famously known by the whole world as the All Blacks the New Zealand is regarded as the national sport of New Zealand. The emblem of the New Zealand Rugby Team is the silver fern. The New Zealand Rugby team is the current champions in the rugby league with the maximum number of point at all times and the New Zealand rugby team is the only international team with a winning margin. This is exactly what makes the New Zealand Rugby Team true champions.

One of the annual competitions that the New Zealand Rugby teams take part in is the Tri Nations competition where the New Zealand Rugby Team annual competes with Australia and South Africa. Apart from the Rugby Cup, the New Zealand Rugby Team is also the winners of the Bledisloe Cup where the New Zealand rugby cup competes annually with Australia. The New Zealand Rugby Team has a record of winning the Tri Nations Cup ten times in the years 1996, 1997, 2000, 1999, 2003, 2005,2006,2007,2008, and 2010. The freedom Cup which is played with South Africa is also one of the cups won by The New Zealand Rugby Team.

Going back to history, the New Zealand Rugby Team started right back in the year  1884 against Cumberland Country, New South Wales and they played their first ever test match in the year 1903 where they won against Australia. The tour of Northern Hemisphere followed this. The New Zealand rugby team has a typical jersey of a black color with the silver fern which makes an exception to the “all black” color. The typical way of starting a match is that the New Zealand rugby team starts a match by performing a haka before each match.

The New Zealand rugby team is also known for creating a lot of controversies. One of the most controversial tours was in the year 1976 where the controversy led to the boycott of the famous 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. This was the time when New Zealand failed to win any match especially against South Africa until 1996 which was accompanied by the fall of apartheid. Again the 1981 tour stimulated various protests against the Apartheid policy.

Some of the early world cups won by the New Zealand rugby team are the inaugural world cup in the year 1987 when they beat France with a score line 29-6. Their continued this by winning against Italy, Wales, Scotland, France etc. The coach Wyllie was replaced by Laurie Mains in 1992. Presently there is a vacant spot for coach of the New Zealand rugby team.