Race back again in SA rugby, too many white faces in the game says, Parliament committee

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Race has again become a sensitive point for South African Rugby Union when transformation in the game widely discussed in the Parliament, earlier on Tuesday. According to reports, few of the MPs complained regarding white faces in South African Rugby Union’s delegation which offered to the portfolio committee on sport and recreation.

Pebane Moteka, an EFF MP, reportedly said that if you do not even your leadership can transform, it is surprising how the sport will be transformed. After that DA’s Solly Malatsi tweeted that the presentation by South African Rugby Union prompted him of “the unbearable whiteness of the state of South African rugby. ”

Delegation leader Oregan Hoskins, the president of South African Rugby Union, asked the delegation to say that he is not white. He said that they must look at them and say they are all white men. As someone who grew up under apartheid, he knows it is politically correct to refer to himself as black. Sometimes he just does not understand. He added that if they were there to play political theories as who is black and who is not. But he tends to forgive people who believe that he is white.

South African Rugby Union’s delegation had four white and four black members. The delegation leader also told that in SARU, they always attempt to do the right thing. They also try to deal with the balance between transformation and competitiveness.